Why Choose Opulence.

Opulence stands as the most prestigious salon in the Wanaka township, presenting an experience above all others.
Providing tailored services to our clients, together with some of the best and most sustainable products, our aim is to deliver the best for your hair while caring for our stunning environment.
We understand today’s lifestyles are chaotic, balancing family, friends, and a career. Taking into consideration all of these factors, we need to make sure ‘we’ are feeling whole.
Relax, Release, Restore and Renew. Come and experience our luxurious, ambient space, overlooking Helwick Street and the mountains and Lake beyond…let our stylists nurture and maintain the needs of your hair.
We’ll create a style that you can look after and manage yourself at home, and of course something extra-special for occasions when you want the wow-factor.
So why choose opulence?
Our stylists are AWARD winning. We have passion and integrity. We genuinely love our work. We love to make our clients smile and feel content. We have colour experts, cutting and styling experts who LISTEN.

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  • 10 Helwick Street,Wanaka, NZ
    Monday 9am - 3pm
    Tuesday 9am - 8pm
    Wednesday 9am - 6pm
    Thursday 9am - 8pm
    Friday 9am - 6pm
    Saturday 9am - 3pm
  • +64 3 443 2243
  • salon@opulencehair.co.nz
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