Opulence Experience.

At Opulence the service we provide is all about you.
We are a bespoke boutique salon, offering customised attention that delivers beautiful and sustainable results.
The Opulence experience nourishes and nurtures, so your hair is taken to another level.
Our skilled stylists provide a tailor-made approach to each client. We work with and for you, utilising specialised treatments and quality products to ensure your style is sustainably beautiful.
We understand your hair is an extension of you.

Opulence Guarantee

Our individualised experience guarantees satisfaction, growing your knowledge of your hair to the next level. We guarantee Opulence is about you.

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  • 10 Helwick Street,Wanaka, NZ
    Monday 9am - 3pm
    Tuesday 9am - 8pm
    Wednesday 9am - 6pm
    Thursday 9am - 8pm
    Friday 9am - 6pm
    Saturday 9am - 3pm
  • +64 3 443 2243
  • salon@opulencehair.co.nz
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