As a “close contact” business, our salons are required to see your Vaccine Pass to be able to provide service under the new COVID Protection Framework.

We do not want to divide or judge people’s choices, we just want to survive in business and provide a safe environment for our clients and staff.

From Friday 3rd December we will ask to see your Vaccine Pass upon arrival at the salon.

As this is an uncomfortable topic for many, and to protect the mental health of our team, we also ask that you avoid making this a topic of conversation during your appointment; our stylists have no control over the vaccine requirement. It is a legal requirement, and is not up for debate.

  • The Salon will be open at all of the new levels

  • We must see your Vaccine Pass on arrival at the Salon

  • You must have both shots or have a medical exemption to qualify for a Vaccine Pass

Thank you for your continued co-operation and aroha!

Your Privacy

a) Providing information about your vaccination status is optional.

If you choose not to share the information, we will not be able to offer service to you

b) Why we ask for your vaccine pass.

We ask for evidence of your vaccination status to ensure compliance with the COVID Protection Framework

c) How we ask for your vaccine pass.

We will ask you to show us your pass on arrival at the Salon

d) How we store a record of your vaccination pass.

We do not retain a copy of your vaccination pass. Once we have sighted it and made note of it on your client card any copy of your Vaccine Pass it is securely and permanently deleted from our servers

e) Who has access to your vaccination pass.

Salon stylists and desk staff are able to see if we have sighted your vaccine pass. This is essential to ensure compliance with the COVID Protection Framework


f) Your rights.

You have the right to request a copy of your personal information we hold on file. You also have the right to request that it is corrected or removed