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Elite Stylist & Team Leader

What do you love about hairdressing?

The creativity. I love seeing what the hair is like when they come in to the salon and see what it's like after I've put some magic on it.

Home Hair Care Pro Tip

Washing and brushing of hair is a big have to when you want to have long shiny beautiful hair. It is very important to do so often and to maintain the condition of the hair.

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Elite Stylist

What is Your Hairdressing Specialty?

Working with fine hair, and short cuts. I also love natural-look colour work

Home Hair Care Pro Tip

A regular trim helps you to avoid your stylist telling you that you need to take 5cms off! Using the right products following a colour service is essential to nourish your hair and keep its shine 

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Emerging Stylist

What do you love about hairdressing?my favorite thing would be to finish a service whether you have had a big fresh colour or a new cut, finishing is always the best part as you see it all come together as well as seeing your clients happy with the end result making them feel fabulous. 

Home Hair Care Pro Tip

If you have oily prone hair like myself and use dry-shampoo, put it on once your hair is freshly clean and dry because as your hair develops oil and you have the dry-shampoo on it can help absorb it in a softer way.


Salon Assistant

What do you love about hairdressing?

The creative and problem solving aspects. It's another form of art and I am passionate about creating art

Home Hair Care Pro Tip

Don't let your dad cut your hair!

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